2D E-CAD .NET Library

Develop your own App including full E-CAD functionality.

Fast integration with your own graphical interface allows you to provide best user experience for your users.

Supported Formats:

  • ODB++
  • IPC-2581
  • Gerber274x
  • Excellon
  • Sieb&Meyer
  • DXF
  • GenCAD 1.4
  • IDF 2.0/3.0

Advantages of an own E-CAD App:

  • Create individual usability for your task
  • Flexible in interaction
  • Develop own analyses
  • Increase security and connect to the existing environment e.g. ERP or Barcode Scanner

E-CAD Library Usability:

  • Development and integration of customized plug-ins into PCB-Investigator for the automation of your workflow
  • Expansion of self-constructed applications with additional functions by integrating PCB-Investigator as a library
  • Adding new features to facilitate working with your PCB data
  • Processing of CAD objects (e.g. changing diameter of pads)
  • Obtaining information from components such as geometry height
  • Analysis of distances and areas (such as material estimation or minimum distance verification )
  • Creating net lists and assigning net names overlapping all layers
  • Adding own objects (components or circuit paths)
  • Adding new information to individual components / objects (attributes)

Download: .Net SDK C#, VB.net, C++”

Supported programming languages:

For using the API interface you need .NET Framework 4.0 or better

  • Visual C #
  • Visual VB.Net #
  • Visual C++
  • Visual F #
  • LightSwitch

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