Printed Cicuit Baoard CAD/CAM Software

Develop advanced multilayer Printed Circuit Boards with sophisticated CAD support to assure high quality. Analyzing and visualizing detailed information is a key step improving your design flow.

PCB-Investigator CAD/CAM Software is extremely easy to use and is integrated in many areas like PCB developing, production and assembling. PCB-Investigator supports ODB++, GenCAD, IPC-2581 and also reads and views Gerber 274x, Excellon, Sieb & Meyer, DXF, Images and many more formats. Use this professional ECAD Workstation with outstanding PCB editing and viewing qualities. A modern Application Programming Interface (API) using .Net C#, VB.Net and Managed C++ is a state of the art way for customization and automation.

PCB-Investigator will reduce prototype costs because of less design loops and brings development closer to fabrication to create high quality for satisfying your customer’s needs. Speed up your time to market!


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