Release of PCB-Investigator 10.3

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The newest Version 10.3 of PCB-Investigator has been released.

You are now able to calculate critical areas with Hazard Analysis!

PCB-Investigator V10.3 offers you some new features that can simplify your daily work many times over:

  • Hazard Analysis: Hazard analysis was previously only possible using distance values. Now, you can carry out a surface check following the risk assessment tool of ZVEI (for the determination of the short-circuit risk by particles). The possible danger zones can now also be displayed as an area. Examples can be found in the appendix.
  • Dimensioning Feature: With the new dimensioning feature you can now also add e.g. dimensions or notes to your design. Here, you will also find an example in the appendix.
  • H-Bridge Inspection: It defines the keepouts between the pins of a component. All areas will be reported in which copper tracks are within a barrier and are also connected to at least one of the two pins, as they might cause AOI problems.
  • TP Report updated with new options.
  • Tombstone Check with new filter options.