Release of Version 12.1

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Now available: Release of Version 12.1 of PCB-Investigator

The latest version again offers you comprehensive bug fixes, further developments and new features.

We want to give you a feeling of stability.

Even if we currently are experiencing challenging times, slowing down or even freezing up business, we nevertheless would like to provide you as our customer with continuous innovations – exactly as you have become accustomed to from us so far.

This includes in particular the ongoing development of our software in close accordance with your individual wishes.

Therefore, this release is also packed with extensive improvements, enhancements and innovations.

Overview of the key improvements and innovations:

  • New Plugin: BOM Export to creating a digital twin of your PCB for highly realistic analyses and improved production control (only included in the beta version, in case of interest contact us directly)
  • Extension of Dimensioning Feature: Rotation of Text
  • DRC Check: Extension of stored rules (Via Stubs, separate rule sets for VIA & THT, 8 instead of 5 copper foil rules)
  • New: Package Library
  • Viscom: Combination of paste base with component pins for optimized AXI check areas
  • New Profile Option: “Bound of Selection”
  • Extended Design Report: more images, additional filter options, search function, output of Graphic Board Compare results
  • Nesting: Sync PCB Count (set two different items at the same count)
  • API Lib: Exemption of “Text Placing” (Silkscreen Layer or TP slides, accessibility only via script)
If there are any questions concerning the latest release, please feel free to contact us.